Our pure performance products are made in the newest cement plant in South Africa using a high quality limestone deposit. Mamba Cement is pure in performance meaning that all the contents have cementitious properties.

We offer two standardized products within the bulk category namely: Mamba 95 (CEM I) –  which refer to the percentage of clinker contained (Mamba 95 is pure cement with 95% clinker)

Mamba also produces and mixes cement according to unique customer specifications for bulk orders provided that the chosen ingredients are used in at least one of our standardised products.

As a primary producer, our products comply with SANS and bear the SABS mark of approval.

Not all cements are made equal – the contents of Mamba Cement has cementitious value and users are assured regarding product consistency.

Mamba 95 is a pure cement product that consists of clinker and gypsum – supplied in bulk. The product is manufactured in a modern integrated cement plant where clinker is made using high quality limestone. This assures customers of high performance cement.

Typical Applications:

  • Precast manufacturing
  • Ready mix concrete manufacturing
  • Construction and site batch plants
  • Structural applications


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Performance Characteristics
  • Compressive Strengths Dispatch average MPs (ISO) SABS Specification
    2 Days 27 ≥20
    7 Days 47 No limit
    28 Days 54 ≥ 52.5

  • Physical Strengths Actual
    Initial Setting (min) 220
    Expansion (mm) 0.5
    Fineness (cm²/g) 400

  • Chemical Properties Actual %
    Loss on Ignition (LOI.) 1.5
    Sulphate Content (SO3) 2.5
    Chloride Content (CI) 0.03

Mix guidelines for bagged cement

Suggested concrete and motor mixes are provided on the back of the cement bag, these mixes are based on generally available types of sands and aggregates.

The Call Centre will arrange for a competent person to provide advice in the event the user requires technical assistance.


Mamba Cement is readily available including many building materials suppliers and retailers. Please contact Mamba Cement to find a supplier near you.