The Mamba Cement Activations team has been busy in March and April. Our team of Activators have visited 113 stores to date, promoting the benefits of Mamba 42,5R Cement at hardware retailers.

The team educates customers and staff on the value of a pure cement, the factors that affect strength and curing times and the ingredients that make a CEM2 class product. We are always delighted when customers discover that not all cements are equal because of Mamba Cement’s quality contents.

Our bright green Mamba gazebos also hold unexpected treats for customers, where they may receive branded T-Shirts, Caps and other surprise goodies to thank them for their support. The Activations team  hosts boerewors roll braais at store Customer Days where Mamba customers join us for some refreshment as they shop for their building materials.

Look out for the green Mamba gazebos in your area!